Brunch With Us!

Our family likes to 'Do Brunch'. Actually, DaddyO is the one who loves his brunch, while I am entirely okay with the 'meal off' cooking. It's a happy compromise. Since we are not native to Calgary, there are many breakfast/brunch opportunities waiting to be explored. Menu options, the price, the atmosphere, the service and kid-friendliness are all key.

I hope to share all the fabulous (and not so fabulous) brunches we encounter in Calgary and Area right here on Peek Thru Our Window. I have even set up a new page, so that you can find the ones we've tried easily.  If you have a brunch place suggestion, feel free to contact me at .


Unknown said…
DaddyO is following family traditions. Teach them young. :)
We do brunch once or twice a year out and I love it! On Sundays we try and do a big breakfast/brunch but nothing like this picture! Yum!

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