Everyone's Talking About 'The Help'!

Have you read 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett?

Critically acclaimed,
"As one of the most important pieces of fiction since To Kill A Mockingbird..." -NPR.org

Well, it was one fantastic piece of fiction-- THAT IS FOR SURE! And now, it is a new film by Disney!  Coming to theatres August 10th, 2011!

Be sure to pop in for my review on August 10th. I'm very excited to see this book come to life (let's hope i'm not disappointed!!!) !

*Peek Thru Our Window will be provided with admission to an advance screening of 'The Help' for the purpose of review, by Disney Canada.*


Heather said…
I ADORED that book! Wish I was still on the list for screeners - this is one movie I want to see!
Unknown said…
THis is a MUST READ book for sure! I loved it and passed it around to all my friends. The characters are so very believable. The perspective of the women themselves, the Help, doesn't go over the top and become melodramatic. The reader gets a rare insight into their life struggles and the prejudice they had to live with. I am looking forward to the movie too. Looks good.
Lynn said…
Yes! I read it while I was in Ireland last year. I LIVED that book. Really. The south---in the 50's? Yep I cannot wait for the movie!
I loved the book and I'm so excited to see the movie. Movies are so expensive here we rarely go but I'm sneaking off to see this one. Have a wonderful weekend!
Joy said…
I have this book waiting on my shelf to be read....I have to finish the Earths Children series first though :D

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