Sunday In My City~ Wedding Weekend

Last weekend, we were part of a wedding. Beebo was a flower girl, while DaddyO and myself were part of the wedding party. (Xman wore a super cute bow-tie!) For Beebo, it was her first time sitting for a hair up-do!


Age 5: 1hrs curling her hair. Sat quieter and more still than ever imagined. Priceless.


Our little princess, curled and dolled up in a lovely dress by G'ma Roe.  Her rose hair fixins' were part of my up do for my wedding nine years ago.  I love weddings for the traditions passed along.


The meadow we hiked 30 minutes to... look at that view!


The bride and groom!


DaddyO and myself, the pink wedding party members.

Unknown Mami

Be sure to visit our lovely host,  Unknown Mami .

Weddings are always a fun time to reconnect with family and friends.  Have you danced the house  down at a wedding this summer?


Rebecca said…
I've been wishing that someone would get married and ask Isabella to do the flower girl job. Cause, ya know, she's my girl and I want her to do it.
Wow what an amazing view and a different place for a wedding! I love it! You all looked beautiful!
CanadianMama said…
Aww, she looks great! No pics of Xman though?
And WOW, that bride has a rockin' body!!

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