Sunday In My City- Oh My!

Hmm...seems a breaker tripped.
Hmm... we're hoping we caught it in time.

Only time will tell.

We hope your Sunday, is a little better than ours??


Unknown Mami

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Omg....I hope you did too! I'm dealing with a sick pup...the diarrhea and gas is no walk in the park!
Happy Sunday!
Matty said…
Yikes! Close call.
BLOGitse said…
Oh no! Good luck!
Anonymous said…
I hope your week is better than your Sunday.
Sonya said…
Uh-Oh...thats so not good!

It's been forever since I stopped by! I need to do it more often :)
gaelikaa said…
Oh, I think you caught it on time! Hope the rest of your Sunday was nice!
Holy! That's cold. Is it working okay?
Unknown Mami said…
Hope something wonderful has happened since then.

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