Sunday In My City- Oh My!

Hmm...seems a breaker tripped.
Hmm... we're hoping we caught it in time.

Only time will tell.

We hope your Sunday, is a little better than ours??


Unknown Mami

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Omg....I hope you did too! I'm dealing with a sick pup...the diarrhea and gas is no walk in the park!
Happy Sunday!
Matty said…
Yikes! Close call.
BLOGitse said…
Oh no! Good luck!
Anonymous said…
I hope your week is better than your Sunday.
Sonya said…
Uh-Oh...thats so not good!

It's been forever since I stopped by! I need to do it more often :)
gaelikaa said…
Oh, I think you caught it on time! Hope the rest of your Sunday was nice!
Holy! That's cold. Is it working okay?
Hope something wonderful has happened since then.

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