The Sweet Life- Knowing is Half The Battle

There is a lady i have known since highschool.  We were acquaintances mostly, until our 'circles' meshed when i was in university.  This friend of mine has been writing a blog;  A journal of sorts.  Sure, we all write blog entries- about our life, about our kids, about our 'bad days'.  This lady at 'The Sweet Life', is writing about her daily ins & outs raising a T1D child (he has Diabetes).

Her blog has completely opened my eyes!  I am learning so much every day.  I am thankful for this facet;  the blog, as a vessel for sharing and learning.  If you know someone raising a child with T1D, please encourage them to pop over to her blog.  If you do not know someone raising a child with T1D, then maybe you'd like to check it out too?  Her writing is honest, sincere, and her darling son is just that- darling.

So far, this is my favourite it HERE.

If you suspect your child may be diabetic, check THIS POST.

I cannot imagine what being a mother to a child with any illness/disease is like. The strength it must take daily is something i cannot comprehend.    Knowing these Moms makes me stronger.

*During the spring and early June/July, many Canadian cities are hosts to walks for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Make a donation to the cause HERE.


Kelly L said…
Reading about the struggles and joys of raising children with diabetes and any other disease - makes me so very thankful to have 2 healthy girls.. Thank you for this wonderful and eye opening post.
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Kelly's Ideas
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Kerry said…
Thanks for this Sam.
Unknown said…
Another great thing about blogs is that good people like you pass on the "good to know stuff". Very good link.
Unknown said…
ps. Drag Race a Ford????????? Oh that will be a blast.
What a fantastic post. Thanks for sharing :)

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