Sunday In My City~ Pictures of The Week

Our week sure was a busy one! 
If you recall, it began with this...

Yeah, scary scary Batman! The hot tub is what??
We did manage to save it in time thankfully, phew!

We had a BIG birthday party - for our newly turned 5 years old.
(Someone please remind me when i suggest a bouncy anything
in the future that much stress is added when the possibility of
bloody noses exists.)
But it was a-hoy matey good time!

Pretty Beebo.  5-- WOW!
Where did the time go?

A beautiful full-moon!
DaddyO took this picture, but i HAD to share it.

A zoo trip to complete the week.
I really liked the camels.
(Not sure why?)

Unknown Mami

Be sure to visit our lovely host Unknown Mami !

My mini-hiatus is now complete.  Er...back to blogging!

PS~ I get to drag race new 2011 vehicles this week for Ford Canada! 
 I'm stoked!


CanadianMama said…
A bouncy ship - that looks WICKED!!!!!

And happy birthday to Beebo - I bet 5 is going to be wicked!!
Matty said…
Ohhh glad you got the hot tub taken care of. Happy birthday to BEEBO. Time sure does fly, and before you know it, she'll be off to college.
Joanna Jenkins said…
Yep, that is one busy week. Sorry about the bouncy injury, how all is okay.
Happy SIMC, jj
TheFitHousewife said…
That looks like fun...even I would try it! I always forget about the zoo in the winter time...must try it sometime!
But bouncy parties are so much fun! How can you possibly resist?
Julia Gabriel said…
Great pics! Your DD is adorable! And drag racing cars! Fun!

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