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It's Tell Me Tuesday time again- and i do know it is indeed Wednesday! We had Family Day here in Alberta on Monday and i guess i got a day behind! Nonetheless, we can still have fun asking and answering anyways, right?

Okay, so last week i asked for easy tips on things one could do to make the reduce- recycle- reuse thing happen more smoothly in their home. I had one suggestion (though it does involve space)- set up your recycle centre in your kitchen or pantry so that you don't hit that 'lazy phase' before it gets to the garage.

You know, this comment is right on target.

Lots of the reason why people don't fully recycle is that it is too difficult AND very easy to be lazy. This lady also mentioned the two bag garbage limit her city has imposed (and a whopping $2.50 per bag extra!) and that certainly goes a long way for adding initiative to the whole process. However, I remember when i lived in that city with two young babies (under two), one of my bags of garbage was devoted to diapers (yes, slap me- i wasn't a full-time cloth diaperer- sheesh!). The other bag for the week, was the garbage. It was a stretch (thank God i had my trusty garbage disposal!) every week to make the limit, but paying $2.50 for an extra bag just wasn't right. I also had a mega pile of cardboard, newspaper, cans etc in my garage to really wasn't pretty. And then you know what i had to do with that pile?? I had to drive it to the other side of the city and sort it into bins myself! Yes, myself! Some stuff we were able to get our deposits back for- add in wine bottles and beer bottles to that recycle trip. Also add in- two kiddos under two and well, that recycle trip became the dreaded recycle trip of death--and took up a whole Saturday morning.

It seriously sucked. But, we did it. (Would you go to all that work? $2.50 per extra bag is now sounding like the easier thing to do, right?)

So- if you are a lucky enough soul to have curbside recycling programs, your bins had better be FULL! If you are lucky enough to have curbside compost pickups, NO EXCUSES.  Some of us out there have to do lots more work to accomplish this whole recycle thing.

Nowadays, i have more space where i live but i am much farther from any recycling centre.  I have a 15 minute drive into town first!  Since we do have the extra space to store our recyclables for longer and to make the trip less often, i do wince at the amount of beer/wine bottles that get returned all at once.  LOL  Sometimes it looks like we had a raging party, or are serious alcoholics!  Unless i go out of my way to tell people that it is 3/4mths of accumulated bottles, the looks are endless.  Oh well, all in the name of recycling, right?

Tell Me Tuesday This Week:
Do you let your child have Chocolate milk once in awhile? (Carton types and not the syrup)   Recently, a friend and i noticed that some milk companies have been playing switcheroo with our Chocolate milk.  NOT COOL.   How do milk companies totally change a milk product, but not tell you about it??  I mean, it's milk.  I expect more from milk companies i guess...

One the left, 1% Chocolate Milk Beverage.
On the right, 1% Chocolate Milk.
Hmm...they look the same??

Well, they did tell us about it apparently...more than two years ago and way before the switch ever began. 

So, knowing this and recognizing the labelling difference-- would you still allow your child (or even yourself) to have the occasional Chocolate Milk, now that it has been renamed, Chocolate Milk Beverage??  (and there is a taste difference and a nutritional difference)

I encourage you to read this link see exactly what the differences are. 

I do look forward to your thoughts on this matter.  I will say, that i am not against sugar or even full fat- but lead a 'everything in moderation' type mentality.  But messing with my milk just seems unnatural and dirty.

PS- if you think Chocolate Milk Beverage sounds scary, wait till i tell you all about FRESH Orange Juice next week to complete my rant.


Anonymous said…
It's funny I never realized all the trouble we went to to recycle until we got the blue bins. We also did the Saturday trips with stuff we had to sort and then on to the bottle depot and usually ended at Timmy's for a treat. Now that I think back yeah - it was a PIA!! We compost in the backyard as well but I am just waiting now for the new black garbage bins - we really have no excuse then - the bins are enormous for a week.

As for the milk we never bought chocolate milk except in the tetra-packs at Costco - but I do have to question what unrefrigerated milk really is...
Rebecca said…
My kids drink just about as much whole white milk as they do chocolate milk. I'm a big MILK fan. Chocolate beverage? Sounds too full of additives. Plus, a long time ago I was told that there is something in the fat in milk that can (over long periods of time) help reduce the chances of getting MS. So whole milk for us!
CanadianMama said…
Nope, I'm a bit crazy like that but my kid doesn't get chocolate milk - creeps me out!
TheFitHousewife said…
I never noticed the change either...but I don't buy the stuff anyways! I buy the reduced sugar chocolate syrup to add to their 1% pure milk every once in a while. I agree with you, everything in moderation. However, it is scary to think what companies are putting into our food!!
We do have curbside recycling, and compost pick up is once every two weeks.

We are only allowed two garbage cans. We have to pay for extras. I don't see three outside on a curb very often.

****chocolate milk
My kids think that they only drink chocolate milk. I put one drop of chocolate syrup in. Just one drop. Sometimes, like in the evening, if they want chocolate milk, I don't put any chocolate in. They don't even notice. They only think that they don't like plain milk. Sometimes, I tell them they're getting a special treat of vanilla milk. In that case, I just give them plain milk or with a drop of vanilla.

Occasionally, on a weekend, AJ might ask for Starbucks-style-choco-milk. In that case, I'll put in some more chocolate in it.

But no, I've never bought it from the store pre-made in the carton. That's the equivalent of pop too me. Just too much sugar. That's not to say I've never bought it for myself though.... ;)

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