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Last week, i fessed up to my high-price beauty secret. I really, really wish i had fallen in love with some cheaper product, but every time i try something new, i inevitably go back to my Clinique. The surprise? LOTS of you share in this indulgence. LOTS of you bow down to the Clinique Gods. Thank heaven...i don't feel so alone!

Tell Me Tuesday this week:
I try to live fairly 'green' these days... but sometimes life just gets in the way. We could all use some reminders on easy things we can do to live a greener existence. Do you have an easy, useful tip on saving/reusing/reducing??

I bet you do- so Tell Me!


CanadianMama said…
We have a recycling center in our kitchen which has made such a difference! When I used to have to take things out the the garage right away I got lazy sometimes.

The city makes it a priority for us too with their two bag limit. Makes it hard to not recycle!

Also, Norwex! But you knew all about that!!
Rebecca said…
Our easy green tip is the fact that our municipality will give free bags that are to be used ONLY in recycling stuff. Thursday's is our day for recycle pick up. Makes life lots easier to get the bags for free and then to get the pick up for free.

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