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I was tagged in a Book Meme awhile back by Canadian Mama and while i admit to being a 'reader', i seriously haven't finished a book in a dogs age. ;(  Just saying that out loud makes me disappointed in myself!  Especially since Rosemary has loaded me up with plenty of good books over the last few months.  At least i'll have some when i get to them.
So here are the rules:

1.Take a picture of the books you are reading currently and add to your post.

2.Describe the books and if you are enjoying them or not. Why?

3.For every book you are reading you have to tag one person.

4.Leave the person a comment letting them know you tagged them.

1/ Done.

2/ Describe:
~Sophie Kinsella- Twenties Girl- i picked this book up cheaply (maybe $3/4 bucks) and thought, well hey- all her other books are a quick read and i loved each and every one!  I think i've read the first 25 pages a few times now.  Sheesh.  Not sure if i'll get into this book EVER or if it'll just perpetually stare me in the face until i finish it.

~Abigail Gehring - Homesteading- i live on an acreage.  I have this handy dandy homesteading book to help me with the homestead.  It is sorta like a bible these days.  It has chicken coop plans in it cuz darnit, i'm gonna raise chickens.  Someday.  Lots of other useful tips, including a million and one ways to get rid of Aphids.

~Canadian Gardening- Great Gardening Guide- since most gardening books suck (because they all pertain to much warmer climates where things actually grow!), i have a subscription to Canadian Gardening.  Even it, talks much too much about Ontario for my liking (where things actually grow, sigh).  I like to stare at its pretty pictures and dream of spring.  Double sigh.  Have i mentioned it is -37C with wind chill here today?

~Life & Style- Trashy Drivel- as i said prior, life with little kids (except the nursing kind who actually give you a chance to read, lol) has not left much time for consistent reading.  I finish a page, get interrupted, forget every single thing i just read, and then start the page again.  Two steps forward, one back.  Not much to say about this magazine, except it contains absolutely nothing useful.  I will only buy drivel that costs $2.99 and only if the hubster will be out of town.  For some reason, this little gossip mag really gets me all worked up.  If someone (let's say hubster), picks it up and starts reading it....then tells me about ANY of the gossipy drivel BEFORE i have had a chance to read it myself, i get super angry!  The only way to properly explain it is...on par with someone reading the last page of your book and then telling you what it said before you get there.  HATE that!

I know Canadian Mama promised you all that because i am an English Literature Major, i most likely am reading something really, really good.  However, i've already read all that.  Classics is my middle name!  Well no, not really, but i do own the Complete Works of William Shakespeare and have read the works in their entirety at least 20 times.  Have you?

3/ Name  suckers  other bloggy buds to astound us with their current reading! (One for each piece of reading-- can't call them all books, lol!)

1. Rosemary - because she is in the Bahamas RIGHT NOW, enjoying warmth and sunshine and fishing and all the good that life has to offer (including Rum).

2. Kerry- because she is newish to blogging and everyone needs to be tortured with at least one meme in the beginning.  Plus, her boy C has Type 1 Diabetes- so i know she is always reading up on that stuff!  Might be useful to some.

3. Casey- because i know her to be a book person and i think she would have some interesting choices.

4. Rebecca- because she writes very often on her blog and i wonder if she reads much??  Guess i'll know soon enough!

5. ONE extra for good measure! Merry- because she is a new 'friend' to me and i'd like to introduce you all to her blog!  Merry With Children.

Happy Reading Everyone!


Kerry said…
I love it, sounds like a fun meme, thanks for including me Sami :)
Rebecca said…
I love Sophine Kinsella!
starnes family said…
Thanks for including me!

If I don't lose my mind in the near future, I will play along.

In case I do, I will tell you now that I have 28 pages left in Freedom by Jonathan Franzen and I highly recommend. Layered, unique and from an interesting perspective.

Are you on If so, find me!

Casey Starnes
Unknown said…
No worries Casey- in fact, it took me a few weeks to get at this myself.
Unknown said…
Thanks Sami, I will play too, but not tonight. I just finished a good one, having trouble getting into the new one I chose, and too busy right now to start something else. Next Week?????????????
CanadianMama said…
Oh Sophie Kinsela drives me to drink, I totally understand why you are struggling with that one!

Thanks for playing along :)
ps. Let me know which of the classics you recommend. Because Great Gatsby made me want to stick my head in an oven but Animal Farm and Catcher in the Rye I LOVED!
Bibliomama said…
Came here because I saw your adorable button somewhere and couldn't resist clicking on it. I tend to read one good book and three or four trashy ones at the same time (just finished Island Beneath the Sea by Isabel Allende - mind-blowing - and currently reading a freaky John Connolly book and an anthology of zombie stories).
Joy said…
I LOVE trashy magazines :)

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