We Gave CSN Stores A Whirl!

We had a chance to try out the CSN website and pick something to review.  Since my old popcorn maker bit the dust and i was having trouble locating a new one (does everyone seriously only eat microwave popcorn  these days??), i decided to do it through CSN.

I had quite the choice!  Many brands at my fingertips!

We chose the Cuisinart Easy-Pop Popcorn maker.  It arrived ON my doorstep in only a few short days and we've been in popping heaven ever since!  This particular popcorn maker is NOT an air popper;  however, i am glad for that as i was getting annoyed at how many kernels were appearing at the bottom of the bowl with our old popper.  You place just 1 tsp of canola oil or vegetable oil on the plate with the kernels, put the top on and watch it fill with popcorn. (Every last kernel pops!)

Oh yeah, the best thing about this popper is the top doubles as a dish.  Simply unclick the hot plate from the base and flip the whole unit over!  Easy Peasy!

As you can see by our video, we do enjoy this product.  The ooh's and aah's of delighted kiddos is enough for me!

*Peek Thru Our Window received a $60 CSN Gift Certificate,
to help with the cost/duties involved.*


Joy said…
Ours is almost exactly like yours and we love it!!!! Happy popping :)

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