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YAY, time for another edition of Tell Me Tuesday!

Last week, i dared you to think about yourself in highschool. What kind of person were you? How were you perceived by others? Have you changed or not changed?

2011 will mark my 15th year since having graduated from highschool (did i just say that out loud??). I cannot believe all the things that have transpired over those years. Heck, if i thought i knew all life had to tell me in highschool, i was sadly mistaken. That is not to say, i was a mean/snobby/bullyish teen. I was pretty middle of the road, but genuinely always nice to all others. How could i not be?? I played 5 sports and hung out with the 'athletic' types... but during class time, i was in the 'Gifted' program. Yeah, uh hum. So why belittle the nerdier types in my 'Gifted' class when i really really needed them to help me through math!!? Not smart.

Most of you agreed that highschool was not a part of your fonder memories. It was what it was, no more no less. Glad we won't be repeating the experience.  No one commented that they were horribly teased or picked on, but one of you did admit that they were horribly bitchy to others in highschool!  She also admitted that she had apologized for her actions and at least, acknowledged her former self. That is something not very easy to do and does take a lot of soul searching; i commend her on that personal growth.  One other commenter said that she had not changed at all since highschool and believed she was the same person.  But really??  I'm not sure i fully believe that.

Yep, highschool.  The days of dreamy seniors and acne... 

I did NOT find myself in highschool--i found only part of myself.  But not the part i like the most...  In University i ditched most knowns and found the rest of me (and a hubby too!).  I found out that i CAN dance.  I found out that i was a very independent soul, grooving on her own path-- in highschool, we all dream of fitting in and even of being popular.  University taught me to ditch all the pretention and do what made ME happy!  (Instead of what made others happy.)

Tell Me Tuesday This Week:
With Hallowe'en looming near, i would love to know about the best costume you EVER wore??  Was it homemade?  Storebought?  Rental?  What made it the BEST!?
I'd also like to know if you are the type that dresses up for the kiddos who come to your door, or even while you take your own kids trick o'treating?? 

I really believe that Hallowe'en is one of the best days out there!  Talk about stepping outside of ourselves- highschool has nothing on Hallowe'en!

I can't wait to hear all about it!


Danielle S said…
Mine best was a parrot costume. My mother made it from a garbage bad where she sewed hundreds of felt feathers on to it. I loved that she had spend so much time on it for me!

And I usually don't have my butt in gear to get dressed up for the kids - I actually prefer to take the kids out and leave hubby at home giving candy. Does it count if we dress the dog up since he loves to greet the kids at the door?
CanadianMama said…
I can't remember the best costume I ever wore. I had so many dance costumes that I guess dressing up for Halloween was never that big of a deal. I did happen to borrow a friend's Hooter's uniform and I went as a Hooter's girl one year in University - that got a lot of attention haha.

I don't dress up for Halloween anymore but I do LOVE finding my son's costumes. I'm trying to find him really unique, cool costumes while I can still do the picking. When he was a baby he was a lobster, last year we got him a wicked golfer's costume (that he was too sick to ever wear) and this year he's being a UPS delivery guy hahaha!
Pamela said…
My best costume was when I teased my hair and used about a billion gallons of hairspray to make it stand straight up...just like if I were to stick my finger in a light shocket!! It took forever to do but the comments I received were well worth it. Now when it came time to wash it out and brush it out...OMG!! But it was fun and unique.

I do not dress up for Halloween but I do take my son out to trick or treat. I main reason I don't dress up is because I am too cheap to buy the costume. Now how sad is that!!
Pamela said…
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I was an intimate dinner for 2. It did not go over well because I was too tall and everyone just thought I was a square ghost.
Dee said…
As an adult, I went to a party with a girlfriend as two of the girls from the Robert Palmer video, "Simply Irresistible". Hair slicked back into buns, bright red lipstick, black minidresses. Now that may be dating myself, but oh well.
mensajes claro said…
Halloween is one of my favorite , I love it i .
Kate said…
When I was about 10 I went as Mario Andretti. I wore a red jumpsuit and my dad and I went to all the local gas stations and got them to give us stickers of oil and car parts companies, which I stuck all over myself and a helmet.

Honorable mention to supergirl at age 5 or 6 - blue tights and long-sleeved leotard with superman undies, red cape, red rubber boots and a felt superman patch made by my mum glued on my chest.
Tara said…
The best was *probably* the year my (now) sil, two friends and I dressed as the Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I was the Tin Man. We won 3rd prize in a contest at the bar we had gone to. (We were beaten by friends of ours who were dressed all in white (tights/shirts/hood and everything) with goggles on, this weird white "tail" thing and "Fallopian Tube Swim Team" written on the back...ew... Second place was won by the brother of the girl who played Dorothy in our group who was dressed as Mister Potato Head. He MADE the costume himself and was fully enclosed, and had a flashlight hanging down and a little ledge for his drink. He even taped a photo of Mister Potato Head onto his drivers licence and the bouncer was laughing so hard he let him in!)

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