October 8th!

One year ago today, i began this adventure called 'Blogging'.

Thank you so much for reading!

Check out my very first post HERE!

(As you can see, i had no signature, did not know how to link
and obviously wasn't justifying my paragraphs.
I sure have come a long way!)

Happy 1st Anniversary to Me!


Matty said…
Congratulations. Times flies when you're having fun. I had mine back in July.
CanadianMama said…
Happy 1st Anniversary - I'm glad I pushed you into blogging!
Sonya said…
Happy Anniversary! Im so glad I found you through Unknown Mami : )
Yay! Congratulations!!! It has been a pleasure getting to know you on this blogging journey.
Melani said…
Yay for you! I don't even know when I started my blog, guess I should check, huh? LOL
Joy said…
Happy 1st Blogiversary to you!!!!!!!
Marla said…
Congrats on one year! Here's to many more.

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