Hijacking A Neighbourhood....

I know these days, 'Hijacking' a Neighbourhood isn't very politically correct.

Okay, no one is held against their will...
and no firearms or other weapons are put in place.

Generally we eat dinner in the vicinity at a friends house -
(and maybe they have a baby, or no kids at all...we are in 'that' age) ,
and one time, we plain and simple, drove-in and drove-out.
(But that didn't feel so nice. :( )

You always hope that no one realizes you do not actually live 'in' the neighbourhood.
In fact, as years have gone by, i've started wearing a mask.

Our pledge:
If we borrow your neighbourhood for the evening ,
you can almost guarantee that:

a) our pumpkin is on someone's step nearby.
b) someone is giving out our candy.
c) we go no further than 1.5 blocks...for now.

We try to do our part; but what is given to these kids from borrowing your neighbourhood if only for a night is immeasurable.

ps- due to us living in the country, we do not have a 'real' neighbourhood to trick or treat in.


Matty said…
I think hijacking is common on Halloween. Kids here go to other neighborhoods where there are lots of houses, and other kids come to our neighborhood. Wherever the candy is, you find the most kids.

You all look ready for a "sweet" time. I hope they got their bags filled to the brim.
Kids look great and you too! I think its what everyone does now days! I swear we got a few kids from neighborhood and everyone else left to other hoods! Now I have to eat all the leftover candy! Sucks!
Pamela said…
We went to the neighbourhoods that had the most spooky houses!! I personally do not see an issue with going some where else!!

Hope you had a fun and safe night!!
We live downtown and hid in our spare room last night. Ha!
Sonya said…
Haha we went everywhere we could when I was growing up. The kiddos look sooooo cute..love your mask :)
starnes family said…
That mask is fabulous!!!!!
Rebecca said…
Where I grew up the houses all sat on about an acre or half acre....it gave us a real work out but the reward was that most people gave out full sized candy bars. It was great.

(Last night in our neighborhood one of the neighbors was giving out cans of soda!)
I think it's perfectly okay to borrow a neighborhood for the kids' sake.
Melani said…
The mask is cool! I always borrow neighborhoods for trick-or-treating! :)

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