Sundays In My City~ Busy Week!

Thanks G'ma Roe for the matching sweaters!

My new to 12 years old- Old Faithful!

What i now get to look at from my livingroom every night! (It's an oil rig)

Sidenote: Ironically, the oil rig and the new truck happened at the same time. The oil rig is not mine, but a neighbours. I can't be upset about it, because my truck so obviously needs crude. It's a vicious circle.

Unknown Mami

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Sonya said…
Those sweaters are awesome and Im soooo envious of your new truck! love it.

CanadianMama said…
Cute sweaters and congrats on a new truck - how fun!!

I'm confused as to why you are upset about the oil rig though?
Unknown said…
Canadian Mama:
I was outside tending my gardens, when i realized that i did not 'add' how those two pics went together. So, i've added it now.
And the oil rig will leave in a bit and not be so visible. It's all temporary.
Mrs. M said…
The oil rig almost looks like a space shuttle launch site! Love the sweaters!! :)
Raymonde said…
Compliments to the knitter!
I really like the lit up oil rig!
Have a less busy week, maybe ;) xxx
Joanna Jenkins said…
The kids look so great in their new sweaters! And I agree with Mighty M-- The oil rig does look like the space shuttle!

Happy Sunday,
Ashley said…
Truck looks nice and shiny! Congrats! I just had to ask my husband, "What's an oil rig?"

BTW, we'll have to trade some zucchini recipes this year. Zucchini relish is one thing I DIDN'T make.
Anonymous said…
Those sweater's are very cool.
Much "cooler" than the one my grandma made for me at that at age... LOL
starnes family said…
I love when kids match. The sweaters are precious!
Love the new truck.

And of course I love the matching sweaters since I'm all about matching my boys!

Watch out, it's addicting!
Lee Ann said…
Aww they look so cute!

Your new truck is HUGE! Xx
The matching sweaters are classic! I see a holiday card in their future.

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