Springfree Trampoline - Take Down & Put Back Up

We have owned our Springfree Trampoline for almost a year now and already we've had to do the unthinkable. We moved... so we had to take our trampoline down.

Whoa nelly!

Just the idea of taking the trampoline down and reassembling it sounds like an awful chore! But, Springfree says it is EASY and that we'd be able to pull it off. We watched the video provided a few times to make sure we knew the steps and well heck, it really did look easy.

Sort of.

Anything you are taking down for the first time will be sticky, so we expected a bit of trouble; however, in the video they warn that you MAY punch each other in the face and to be careful. #warned

We laughed, oh how we laughed. Punched in the face? That seems a little extreme. But then it happened... DaddyO punched me in the face!

For what it is worth, DaddyO didn't mean to punch me in the face, but I also didn't really mean to punch him in the cohonies either. Oops, sorry!

We managed to take the trampoline down in just under 50 minutes, with a 55 minutes re-installion time. The whole process is entirely do-able, just like they said.

Was it work? Yes.


  • Wear gloves. You'll need the grip!
  • This is a TWO PERSON job. (Do not attempt take down or the re-install alone.)
  • Have a small mat or piece of carpet to place on the ground. You'll be spending time on your knees/butt!
  • Do not pretend to know how the "springs" come out. Heed their warning and only take the springs out, every fourth at a time. Also, the person under the trampoline will need to pull the spring in and out, while the person outside of the trampoline may need to pull the net up and off. THIS step is the hardest one. (Note: you may punch each other in the face!)

We weren't able to put the trampoline up at our new house, because we are still waiting on our backyard to be finished with dirt/rocks/deck/fence. So we took the trampoline to the cabin to enjoy. Now I can sip hot tea and sit on the porch, with a perfect view of Beebo & Xman jumping away.

Now the big question...

Will we ever bring the Springfree Trampoline home to our backyard??


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