Do you have 'Simply Better' moments?

Do you have simply better moments?

You know, those little moments in your day that make you stop and smile.


Sunshine, rainbows and fresh breezes.
The smell of hot loose-leaf tea freshly steeped.
Going to the gym.
Hearing my children laugh.
Going for an hour long massage.
The feeling I have after volunteering in my community.

Whatever it is that makes your day simply better, Edo Japan wants to be a part of your day and to celebrate what makes each day simply better by turning the moments that make you happy into a reality.

On September 1st, 2014 Edo launched and wishes anyone and everyone to submit a simply better moment of their own. Until November, Edo will be selecting submissions from and will make a simply better moment happen for one lucky winner each week!

For example: 

(Submissions are limited to 119 characters - short and sweet!) 

Edo is dedicated to serving their customers fresh, healthy meals made with simply better ingredients, and they are excited to be going above and beyond by making simply better moments come true for the people who live, work and play in their communities.

Where to find Edo Japan online!

Website: Simply Better
Facebook: Edo Japan
Twitter: @edo_japan



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