Reward Yourself with Smarter Driving & Java Cafe Coffee from Shell #AirMiles

Shell stations across Canada want to make your day a little easier with less stops and more convenience!

1. Plan & Combine Trips – Avoiding rush hour traffic and construction zones can save a lot of time on the road. Did you know that trips of less than five kilometres do not allow the engine to reach its peak operating temperature, using more fuel and creating more exhaust emissions?  Driving with a warm engine to accomplish a few tasks saves all around!

2. Get your Java fix AND earn rewards – Get rewarded for something you already purchase and enjoy the always fresh and full flavoured Java Café coffee blends. Perfect for people on the go, with a variety of flavours and condiments available to choose from, customize your coffee any way you like it! In addition to a convenient quality coffee, now through November 9th, you’ll earn 5 bonus Air Miles reward miles with your Shell Java Café purchase.

3. Drive Smoothly – Stop n’ Go traffic can be a bumpy ride, but combined with speeding, quick acceleration and hard stops, can increase fuel consumption by up to 25 percent!

4. Measure your tire pressure once a month – Properly inflated tires last longer, making your vehicle drive safer and save on fuel.

5. Choose a higher quality gasoline – All 3 grades of Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasoline contain five times the amount of federally-mandated cleaning agents. What does this mean exactly? It means that by using Shell gasoline, the car will clean up gunky intake valves and fuel injectors while it works. A clean engine is always more fuel efficient and produces fewer emissions.

6. Lighten Your Load – Heavy items in your trunk or on top of your vehicle can decrease the efficiency of your vehicles aerodynamics, increasing fuel consumption.

*Natural Resources Canada Office of Energy Efficiency Auto$mart Thinking Program*


To kick off delicious and rewarding Java Café coffee at Shell stations across Canada, we have a fabulous giveaway for one lucky reader of

To enter, you must be a Canadian resident over the age of 18. Ends Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 at 12am M.S.T.

Good Luck!


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