Wordless Wednesday - Snowmaggedon in September #yycsnomg

Mother Nature decided to swoop some Arctic air through the Rockies this week, so our last few days have been rather white. We are the butt of jokes far and wide and we should be --- THIS.IS.INSANE.

It's not that us Albertans can't handle the snow...

In fact, we are GREAT with the snow.

It's that it is SEPTEMBER people! You know, that month where we should be enjoying the leaves changing colour, donning sweaters and eating soup! We are NOT supposed to be wielding snow brushes on our car windows, nor are we to be running around -- shaking snow off of the leaf-filled trees -- so they don't break under the weight.  None of this should be happening just yet.

AT LEAST we have humour... right??  (Cause you know, us Canucks are funny.)

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Me, I prefer this:

Cut it out Mother Nature ...

no one here is impressed.


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