HippoHug : Weighted Blankets and Animals

Last year, my daughter Beebo was having some sleeping issues... so we decided to consult with Leslie of HippoHug and have a weighted blanket made for Beebo.  Below, is our testimonial about our experience.

"I remember my Mother telling me that I was horrid to sleep with.  Apparently I had quite the Jimmy-leg.  Whatever, no mind… it never bothered me.  And later in life, it seems to have gone away.

But could that Jimmy-leg have been causing me to lose sleep?  I mean, it is one thing for my Mother to lose sleep with a child incessantly booting her in the thigh, but could the ‘bootee’ be missing out on quality Zzz’s?  I’ll never know and I have somehow survived.

I digress...

Last year I noticed that my daughter was not sleeping her best. We were having a few school issues and I was searching for things amiss in our routine.  I outfitted her room with an old ‘baby monitor’, so I could hear for myself what was going on. 

Shhh-shhh-shhh… Swish-swish-swish.   What was the sound?  Her feet.  Back and forth, back and forth.

Now, I am no doctor… but to me, anything you are doing during your sleep that you should not be seems like a waste of energy.  It has to take a chunk out of your rested sleep for the night, right?  The answer to things like this are not easy to define, but I knew of Hippo Hug and their weighted blankets and thought, what the heck did we have to lose?

Leslie worked with me on what we thought was needed according to Beebo’s size and weight.  I suspected a weighted blanket would be good for her, because as a baby she always responded well to pressure placed on her body.  Crying in the crib, a hand placed on her back or tummy with a little bit of pressure seemed to soothe her.  Maybe the weights of this blanket would too?

Our Experience:

 Beebo loves this blanket.  Not only does it lay extra comfort on her, but it also helps her other blankets stay on.  I never hear her legs swishing back and forth and overall, she seems to be more well rested.  Both my husband and I have also tested the blanket out and fully attest to the instant calm one feels when the blanket is placed.  This explains why we’re quite fond of our wickedly heavy King-sized duvet… it must run in the family.
Though our experience does not involve a medical condition, we certainly have benefited from this blanket."

Thank you Leslie, for the lovely sewn blanket and for your knowledge.  If you think you or your child could benefit from a weighted blanket, I highly encourage you to check out  HippoHug.ca  for more details.