Thanksgiving Weekend Photos #Ontario

Last weekend we flew home to Ontario, to enjoy a short but sweet visit over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (October 14th, 2013).  We visited a local fair at the Balls Falls Conservation area, highlights include: Birds of Prey holding, grinding corn, pumping water and fresh made apple fritters!  Ontario is my favourite place to be in the fall... it is always such fun to see the kids flip out over Maple Leaves and their gorgeous red hue (this tree dies in Alberta due to our famed chinooks).

This visit was the first time I noticed how much the trees in the backyard had grown. DaddyO and I were married here 11.5 years ago, and now the trees completely fill in the view.  My how time flies! 

Beebo and Grandma Roe (of Steadfast Ahoy) also bonded over 'learning to knit', a new found talent.

Wish we had more time Ontario!

Until next time.


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