'SnackBox' Delivered to Your Door! #Giveaway

I recently discovered a Canadian company out of Vancouver that delivers wholesome treats right to your home! The 'Snackbox' is a great way to try out new snacks each month, without purchasing a whole box commitment.  'Snackbox' even provides a handy list that tells you where you can purchase these products where you live!  I'll fully admit that my kids did not see this 'Snackbox' other than to know it arrived.  (They were Mommy treats!)

I loved everything in this box!

I'm a Terra Chips addict.  There, I said it.  And this little bag was WAY TOO SMALL.  Sorry to yell, but I love my Terra Chips.  And the 'Weeds & Seeds' cereal, loved that too!  The microwave popcorn certainly contains better ingredients and the bag itself was pretty cool. Almonds, chocolate... yep, yep, not much I did not like about this months tester box.

Take the plunge and enjoy your own 'Snackbox' subscription.  I even have a PROMO code that you can use to save $15 off your first 'Snackbox' order!  


If you feel like testing your luck, enter the giveaway below!

It is always fantastic to test out products before spending a lot of money on them.  The 'Snackbox' provides the opportunity to do just that. Whether you choose to hide the box like I did, or share them with your family, you will be sure to encounter some very yummy treats!

Happy Snacking!

*Peek Thru Our Window was provided with a 'Snackbox' for review purposes.  All opinions belong to Peek Thru Our Window.*


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