Homegrown Potato Salad!

There is nothing more rewarding about summer than walking out to your garden and picking fresh vegetables or fruits.  Every year, some things do well and others do not... but the one vegetable that grows just fine in these parts is potatoes.  

Red Potatoes - homegrown by us. Sweet Potatoes, Green Onion, 
Ham, Celery, Egg, Greek Yogurt, Basil, Paprika, Garlic

No amounts. Just throw in what feels right.

I asked my Facebook friends what their favourite thing is to add to their homemade potato salad.  Here are a few that made the list! Juice from the pickle jar, relish, diced pickles (I think Canadians love their pickles!), bacon, red beets, peas, Cilantro, Radishes, Black Beans, Corn, Cumin, Honey and dill.

What ingredient do you like best in potato salad?


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