BBQ Steak Nachos #Mexican #NoOvenRequired

I'm a sucker for nachos because I love Mexican food!  I also love nachos because it is a great way to get most food groups into it.  Some dairy, a few servings of veggies, beans and some freshly grilled or left-over meat.

We had left-over steak on hand, so for this hot summer day we decided NOT to turn on the stove and to use the BBQ instead.  After all, pretty much everything tastes better on the BBQ!

Step One:
Cut up garden fresh veggies. 
 Rinse a can of Black Beans.

Step Two:
Using a big serving of cheese, 
layer the bottom and the top!

Sorry for the dreadful picture but I was having too much fun to pull out a real camera! ;)

Step Three:
On a foil lined baking tray (use an older tray as it may get blackened or simply make the foil base thicker by a few sheets and go without the tray), place in BBQ. BBQ should be preheated to the lowest temp with centre burners OFF. Cook until the cheese has melted and the nachos have browned- approximately 15 minutes.

Our nachos were topped with green onions from our garden, hot banana peppers, black beans, steak and cheese! 

Serve up with some salsa, sour cream and beers!  Ole!



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