Back To School #WalmartFrugalHeroes

On Thursday, August 22nd, we participated in the Walmart Canada Frugal Heroes challenge, aiming to clothe the kids from head-to-toe for back-to-school with only $100.00.  We already had school shoes, but I had not done any clothes shopping as of yet.  I knew Xman would need pants (this kid always needs pants... darn holes!) and Beebo had sprouted up again, so a few key pieces were needing upgrading.

We made a list and were off to the store!  I won't lie and say that taking both my kids on this challenge was easy.  Taking two kids shopping anywhere is never fun!  Their attention spans were shorter than my list, so I tried to work quickly.

The great thing about buying clothes for your kids at Walmart is the guarantee. The Kids Quality Guarantee by George ensures that the article of clothing won't wear out before your child outgrows it. Not a bad thing, as kids are notorious for growing out of items bought only weeks before.  Plus, all the clothes I bought were at regular prices, and were still cheaper than going to other stores and buying their sale items.  

(I also picked up almond milk and cat litter, so the one stop shopping was nice!)

How'd we do?

Left - Beebo's Selections : 

2 Sweaters, 1 T-shirt, 1 pair Skinny Jeans, 10 pairs of socks, 10 hair bands

Right - Xman's Selections : 

1 Long Sleeve, 3 T-shirts, 2 pairs Jeans, 3 pack Marvel Inspired socks, 1 Avengers ball cap

Grand Total:  $98.50

I was easily able to buy the kids 2-3 complete outfits, including the dreaded socks that go missing or get holey at the speed of light - without breaking the bank.  If I had needed to purchase shoes for them, I would have been able to buy shoes and at least 1 full outfit for under $50.  

Thank you Walmart for your selection and prices!

*Walmart Canada provided a gift card to facilitate this post. As always, the opinions expressed belong to Peek Thru Our Window*


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