Memories of Summer Camp- #WIN1of3Weeks plus an IPAD Mini

Every summer my best friend went to camp.  I remember being sad that we were finally on summer days, free from the boundaries of school, and here she was ditching me for camp.  Honestly, I might have been a little jealous... for I knew exactly how much fun she was going to have without me swimming, playing games, paddling and meeting new friends.

DaddyO also attended summer camp as a child.  He has fond memories of Pioneer Camp and has always wanted to send our children for this experience when they are old enough.  He remembers canvas sided bunk houses that allowed for fresh air to breeze through at night.  He recalls bible study and fellowship.  He remembers night time games of 'Capture the Flag' and silly dining hall antics to see who would be doing KP? 

Did you go to summer camp as a child?

What are some of your favourite memories?

What if I told you of an opportunity to WIN 1 of 3 weeks of summer camp plus an Ipad Mini ??    (Approximate retail value - $3000)  *Runs March 15- June 28, 2013*

To enter for a week of summer camp plus an Ipad Mini, click HERE.

Be sure to read all rules and regulations HERE.

Inter-Varsity Summer Camps are Christian summer camps for kids ages 5 to 17.  Founded in 1929,  they offer many camp locations throughout Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.  Each summer camp offers unique programs for children and youth as well as, programs in leadership development, water adventures, and horsemanship.  To experience for yourself, register today at !


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