What Do You Do With All Those Points? #rewardspoints

Today when I was driving Beebo to school, the radio hosts on the station we were listening to, admitted that they had never really put their various rewards points to good use (Air Miles, Aeroplan, Optimum etc.).  They asked the audience to phone in their BEST redemptions and some of the answers were quite unexpected.

Did you know that you can pay for a 'boob job' with Air Miles?

Me neither!

That one had me laughing all the way home... 

We have purchased airline flights, car rentals, an Xbox system and even my Kitchen Aid Mixer using points.  I have also used points for discounts at the grocery store, gas station and pharmacy.  

So now I ask you, my readers, what has been your BEST rewards points redemption?


Shopper's Optimum is a great program. I especially love bonus days where you can accumulate points quickly. I just redeemed on a bonus redemption day before Easter and got $100 worth of merchandise for free. Now, I've got to get saving up for Christmas again.
Ashley P. said…
I love the optimum program - I save up my points and am able to fill 3 stockings with it at Christmas every year;

I also love sears points - I have used it for many gifts over the years
Samantha said…
I'm an airmiles collector. I don't know if it's the best program out there, but I am slowly building my Le Creuset collection with it, and that's pretty good by me! :D
Deanna T. said…
We used points from airmiles to cover our honeymoon, and I'm currently saving up for a return trip to Montreal some day. For me airmiles is for fun stuff (ie hotel rooms), where as Shoppers Optimum, which I also use regularly, is for needed stuff. I save up the highest level with the optimum points, wait for a bonus redemption day and buy necessities, groceries, diapers.
I'm clearly not making the most of my rewards points! (Not that I want a boob job, but some good stuff for the house would be nice.)
Dana said…
We've done pretty well with airmiles, we got a pocket camera, and a stroller and car seat travel system.
Jody said…
I haven't paid for a flight in over a decade. I rack them up for family travel.
Mrs Brits said…
I love Shoppers Optimum, I take advantage of their "bonus" offers throughout the year and usually by the time their extra redemption weekend occurs in December Im maxed out on points and can get about 200.00 worth for free! Sure helps at that time of year.

There's no Safeway in Strathmore, so collecting Airmiles is harder when only Shell offers them in town. I gas up at Esso and convert my Sobey's points to Esso extra and buy gas cards.

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