San Diego, CA: Exploring By Water

Our stay in San Diego was very relaxing, yet full of adventure! I know that is an oxymoron but we only had one 'theme park' day on our itinerary, so we had plenty of opportunity to find out more about this beach town. We stayed on Mission Bay, across from the Rowing Club and nearby Sea World.  Since we were vacationing with another family of four, we opted to try VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner).  Not only is it a cost effective way to stay for multiple days, it offers up many comforts of home.  Most of the time you will not be disappointed.  I'd encourage giving VRBO a try... it was nice to come 'home' at the end of each days travels.

Our view on Mission Bay.

Any time you have the chance to see a city by water, you should do it. Driving around a city does not offer the same excitement. You'll often see how the people who live there use the water and that can teach you so much; about the history of the city and about the recreation available. We decided to rent a little fishing boat for the day to take on San Diego by water.

It was sunny and warm.
MommyO may have forgotten her own sunscreen- oopsy!

Beebo takes her turn driving the boat. Then Xman.
Both have become very proficient drivers over our last few vacations.
It is nice for them to be the chauffeur for a change.

(By the way, have I mentioned we are a boating family?
Many adventures coming up this summer, on our very own tin boat!!)

Beebo spies some Paddle Surfers-
maybe one day we'll try it out ourselves!

She was a little annoyed that they wouldn't wave back at her,
but would you let go to wave???

Our day out boating was so much fun!  We rented the boat from a nearby marina and it did not cost a lot of money at all.  If you are capable of driving a 9.9hp motor, you're all set to go! (Only a Drivers License was necessary.) 

Have you ever explored a new city by boat?


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