Sunday In My City: A Devilish Touch to Any BBQ

What is your favourite go-to BBQ item?

Oddly enough, while I love eggs in most other forms, this isn't my favourite.
But I know how much other people like them, so I happily make them.

Recipe Based on 8 Eggs:

Boil eggs until hard. (About 10 minutes.)

Rinse with cool water and let sit.
Refridgerate if time allows, or let sit another 10 minutes.
De-shell and rinse with water.

Cut in half with sharp knife.
Take out yolks and place into a bowl.

Smash the yolks with a fork until they are free of clumps.
Sprinkle with Sea Salt. (I used Epicures Garlic Sea Salt.)
Add 2-4 tsp of dill pickle juice to taste.
(Yes, take it from the jar...)
Add 3 tbsp mayonnaise.

*Variation: Add relish, onion, gr.onion, cucumbers etc.*

Scoop egg yolk mixture into the egg white shells.
Sprinkle Dill or Cayenne Pepper or Paprika to taste.


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