May Days (Daze)

Sitting here starring at the calendar for May, I thought that March and April had me in a dizzying swirly haze, but I see roughly the same ahead. In planning all things a family of four may need to do in a month, I am fairly good at making sure nothing conflicts with something else; however, I have yet to find the happy medium that doesn't make me feel like I am going to die~!

This month, on top of it all, I thought: "Hey, yeah, let's just coach some Under 4 Soccer too!"

I was surely possessed or intoxicated when I said yes to herding cats , because I really, really do not have the time, nor the patience to endure 8 weeks of rainy, whiny Soccer. In any case, I've committed and that is that. Please let it be a magical experience that is not filled with tears (mine or theirs) and for the love of God, please let the weather be warm and pleasant for Soccer. I know that making my kids play Soccer in dreary conditions teaches them to suck it up and get it done, but convincing myself seems to be the harder chore.

I digress...

I do have some new events going on in early May that I am quite excited about! This weekend DaddyO and I will be venturing off to Banff for the Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival!  I can hardly wait to whet my palate with yummy sips from the vine and to sample food delectables from Banff's finest restaurants. I was very lucky to win tickets to this event and can't wait to tell you all about it! Thanks to Grandma Roe for helping us out with the kids so we can enjoy an evening away.

Like these boots?

Me too! I am in love with my new 'Riding' style BOGS and have been testing them out on our acreage filled with mud and gardening chores. Good to -20C,  I have a feeling these boots will become a staple for any season.  Look for my review in upcoming weeks!

On Saturday, May 12th Heather and I will be hosting a social media brunch to welcome 'Williamstown by Vesta' to the city of Airdrie. It would be terrific if you joined us for an afternoon of free festivities for all ages (12pm to 5pm), including: a bbq, live country music and the chance to snag the autographs of a few Canadian Olympians!  Contest: Pop into the Williamstown  Facebook page (be sure to 'like' the page too!) to enter to WIN a $10,000 shopping spree at The Brick!  Who doesn't need new furniture/appliances?

Ciao for now...
Have a super week!

PS... in a few days I'll tell you a really good reason to go meet your local MP!


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