The Age Old Question: Who & What To Gift?

School ends in just a few weeks and I am forced to think about that age old question, who and what to gift?  My kids are still pretty young, so I am new to the whole 'gifting' scene.  I know I have gifts to give, but the list seems long!

This year, I have one child in Kindergarten who rides the school bus, and one child who attends Preschool with speech issues. Here is the list of people I think I may owe a little something to:

- One Kindergarten Teacher.  Do I get something for her aide too?

- One bus driver.

- Two Preschool Teachers.

- One Preschool Speech Aide.

- One Home Speech Aide.

ACK - If I do roughly $20 per person, that totals $120.00 !   While I am extremely thankful for all their wonderful help throughout the year, this might really hurt my pocketbook.

What are some wonderful (but cheap!) ways to say thanks without spending a lot of money??

And I can do homemade...but what?


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