It's Muppet Time! Out in Theatres NOW!

Recently, I was able to share my Muppet memories with my kiddos. With the release of the new Disney Muppet movie on the 23rd of November, some of the older Muppet movies I loved as a kid are out on DVD/Blu-ray. We have been watching 'Muppets From Space', to get familiar with all of those Muppet characters. So far they love Jim Henson's creations as much as I do and I cannot wait to take them to see this newest Muppet adventure!

Out in theatres NOW! A new adventure for the young and old alike- the newest Disney Muppet movie is sure to please!

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I've been wondering if this would be any good.
Samantha said…
I really want to take Eliza to this! Good idea on watching some of the other muppet movies first, I think we'll start that tonight :)

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