He's Making A List...With the Help from Canada Post!

Every year, Canadians rely on Canada Post to deliver their Holiday mail on time, safe and sound;  however, many little Canadians rely on Canada Post to get their serious business done.  Canada Post is proud to be a middle man.

Write to Santa and he'll write back. Canada Post will make sure it happens!

The Art of Letter writing has taken a back seat these days, so this is the perfect opportunity to teach your child exactly how to write a letter. Santa understands that not all children know how to write, so feel free to decorate your letter too! (Please, no glitter glue. It is very pretty but makes a mess of the postal machines!)    

• Celebrating 30 years as a national program helping Santa reply to his mail.

• Some 10,000 volunteers – postal elves – help Santa with this monumental task!

• Santa receives more than 1 million letters (1.225 million in 2010), and 43,000 emails every year! That’s 2,000 mailbags full of mail!

• Santa receives letters in more than 30 languages (including Braille) – he answers each one in the language it was written in!

• Since the national program began, Santa’s Post Office has answered more than 19.5 million letters (and some 369,000 emails!)  Placed end to end, that’s a 200 kilometre-long trail of mail!

• The Canada Post Santa Letter-writing Program is an employee-led volunteer initiative – employees give 190,000 hours of volunteer time – supporting literacy by encouraging children to write letters.

• There have now been two generations of both letter writers and postal elves involved in this holiday tradition – children who wrote those first letters are now helping their own children write to Santa.

• To protect Santa’s mail, only Canada Post employees – current and retired – are allowed to handle Santa’s mail.

Santa’s Corner – Santa’s online post office – is visited a quarter of a million times a season.

On November 1st, “Santa’s Corner” by Canada Post went live.  It has weekly Youtube videos from Santa, games, and a place to email Santa. (Note: Only letters sent by mail to Santa receive a personalized letter by mail back. Emails to Santa receive a generic response by email.)  Lots of fun your children won't want to miss!

Children are reminded to please include their complete return address to ensure a reply from Santa. Letters to Santa should be addressed to:

H0H 0H0

If you're in search of other information regarding your Holiday mailing, be sure check out Canada Post's website for mailing options and cut off dates

To find some unique gift giving ideas at Canada Post, click HERE.

Tis the season...only 51 days left!
Get those letters into Santa soon!

*Peek Thru Our Window is proud to tell you all about the hard working elves at Canada Post. No compensation was provided. As always, the opinions expressed are my own.*


So cool...wouldn't you just love to be a part of the response elf team!!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Unknown said…
Santa is thrilled you wrote this great post. Tis the season...
I think this will be our first year now that my son is 5 and can write his first letter! exciting!
Unknown said…
I know someone who needs to write to Santa. Maybe a ghost writer is in order?

Great post!

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