Fun OR Mean?

You've likely seen this floating around Facebook. I LOVE the two boys at the end of the clip! Personally I think this 'joke' is a bit mean and can't see myself trying this on my children. But... I did laugh while viewing, so I am not completely innocent.

What do you think?
Is this funny or just plain mean?

Would you do this to your children?


It's totally mean but it made me laugh hard so...........
sher said…
agree, mean. and no i probably wouldn't do it to my own kids, but thankfully these people did so i could have a good laugh!!! ;-)
Rebecca said…
This is so very funny and while I was watching my daughter came in and saw what I was watching so now I can't trick her. Was totally going to do the same thing.
totally mean, but I laughed knowing my kids would do the same dramatic meltdown if we did it to them. now I don't have to! lol
Kelly L said…
so funny - my daughter and I were busting up - especially love the two brothers at the end... thanks - had to share it on FB..
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Samantha said…
Definitely a little bit of both! My kid would never fall for it, though.
Heather said…
my kids cry enough on their own - I don't need to make them do it!

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