Wordful Wednesday ~ Will It Rebloom?


Last year I purchased a Poinsettia (in Nov.). This Poinsettia in fact. I don't usually purchase them as we have cats, but Beebo was feeling all festive and insisted.   I relented... I like flowers and plants, we'll say we met half way.  I  brought it home and placed it on a high shelf. We enjoyed it. I did not buy a red poinsettia; this poinsettia plant has white flowers.

Although I have accomplished a feat in keeping a store bought plant alive this long, I have not been able to make it bloom again. I've heard it needs 12 hours light, 12 hours dark? Should I force it or will it just bloom on its own again (it is pretty dark these days but I am not sure we are getting 12/12)?

Lost here really... anyone ever kept a poinsettia this long?


When my parents lived in California they had one in their yard...but were talking sunshine everyday! No I'm lucky if I can get it to last to Christmas!
CanadianMama said…
No clue but I'm seriously impressed you've kept a pointsetta alive for 10 months! I didn't think that was possible!!
Unknown said…
I know eh? I can't believe I kept it alive either! And, once I neglected it and all of its leaves fell off! Then they grew back-- it's the poinsettia that keeps on going!
Samantha said…
Back when I was working, we had two poinsettias in the office, one was five years old, and one was close to a decade! Yes, you can get them to rebloom, but they require 12 hours or so of total darkness to do it. I used to put them in the coat closet when I left the office and pull them out again the next morning, and they would bloom red again in about 6 weeks.

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