Sunday In My City: Images of Autumn Where I Live

I love Autumn. It is my favourite season by far; however, in Alberta Fall tends to be short lived. The trees turn glorious hues of yellows, oranges and greens- and then we get one good blustery day and all the leaves are on the ground. Sigh.

For this reason, taking Autumn pictures is a must! Capture it while it is there, because it may be gone tomorrow.


Watching the cows always reminds me how peaceful things are out here.


Practicing new skills learned this Summer.


Unknown Mami

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I live in Florida and we get fall for about a day and no real bright colors, that's for sure. I go home to Michigan each October so I can get some fall color and weather and a big dose of family. I agree though, you have to get the photos fast because a good rain can wash everything away.

I love fall too....even when it's almost over! We have had so much rain I'm afraid I will never be able to take pictures....soon the snow will fly here too! Have a wonderful week!
Merry said…
Lovely pictures! I must say that this has been the best Fall we've had in the 7 years I've been here. It's been so nice. We went out and got family pics done today. No yellow leaf pics those. That darn wind took them all. ;(
You live in a beautiful place with beautiful people.

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