Blissdom Canada Oct 13-15, 2011 Toronto ~ Will You Be There?

In 9 short days, i will be attending a Writing & Social Media Conference called Blissdom Canada in Toronto, Ontario. It will be a few days of  networking , business development, community building, and a whole lot of "mapletastic awesome" (pretty sure those are Shashers words). To say that i am excited would be an understatement! I can hardly wait to meet face-to-face with many online peeps and companies that i chat/do business with each day.  And for those attending that  i have met with IRL, i cannot wait to see you all again!

The sessions i have chosen have me two fold stoked: Excited about what i will learn and honoured to be taught by some of  Canada's finest in the media world.  I *might* also be excited to show off some clothing from Mark's new Fall line and to attend a red carpet cocktail party at CBCLive in Toronto.  I will also be dining at Table 17 for #UsedBliss, an invite only event.  But by all accounts from last year, the to-do to look forward to is the Karaoke Costume Party on the last evening! (Hmm... note to self, do not drink too much during that event. ;0 )  You Tube memories galore, lol.

Oh, and let's not forget to mention that my kiddos will not be there.  Yep.  Little ol' me for 3.5 days!  I'll miss them for sure, but not really... just sayin'.

I hope to return from Blissdom Canada with a renewed outlook of what i do in my piece of the 'internet world'.  If you attended last years Blissdom Canada and have a tip for me- 'social media conference newbie'-- i'd love to hear it!  AND, if you'll be attending Blissdom Canada next week in Toronto, please leave me a comment with your Twitter handle and Website address.

Business cards all ready to go--



I don't know what to say.................

Have fun?

Sure. Have fun.

Sounds like a lot of fun. I won't be going to the event, I'm saving my money for BlogHer in New York next year!
@MelissaVroon said…
Looking forward to it Counting the days as well!
Manager to Mom said…
Wish I could say I'm going, but not in the cards for this year! Sounds like it'll be an amazing time, though. Incredible speaker list. Enjoy!!
Capital Mom said…
I say relax and have fun! That would be my best tip. See you there!

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