In An Airport (Somewhere in Canada), Alone With My Thoughts

Friday night.  At the airport.  Yes, just the place one wants to be on a Friday evening.  Thank God for Wi-fi.  It has been a long time since I've endured the 'Red Eye'- an all night flight. I've also never eaten in this Chili's before; the chicken & green chile soup is divine if you ever get to try it.  And of course, I am sitting next to the token loud person... who is telling the whole airport that HE is on vacation.  That's nice buddy.

I hope to sleep on this flight.  I really do.  Or, if not, look out world when I pick up my rental car in the morning.  I may not be such a good driver after no sleep.  Hope they have a Starbucks.  Or a Timmy's.  Actually, it does not matter-- ANY coffee will do!  Hubby booked me a car rental, however they do not even open until 9am.  My flight gets in at 6am.  That's a long wait (on not much sleep) Batman!

Which brings me to another point?  WHY do the car rental companies open at 9am ?  Like really, if flights are coming in as early as mine, surely there has to be someone else hooped (and loitering) like me?  (Writing after my flight now-- just so you don't think I am a total nut!)  And no, no one seems hooped like me.  Guess that is why they do not open... i'm the only person that cares or is in need.  I could have asked any of the thousands of people I know in this town to come and get me out of here, but I like having my own car when I travel alone so I can always rely on me.

I suppose though since I have a few hours to kill before obtaining a vehicle to speed away in, I could walk my lazy, tired butt to the washroom and pull out some new clothes to spruce up a bit?   But that seems too hard.  Sitting in this freezing cold area sipping my warm coffee is much more enjoyable.

Reading the Saturday news I see that the Royals have decided to boot male lineage protocol to the curb.  There we go Queenie, you've just taken the pressure off Wills & Kate to produce a male heir.  Now they can be happy and joyful and just love life.  Something Diana could have used more of...  Very nice to see the Royals progressing with the times.  With females taking the throne in birth order, the world may have never known the likes of  Henry VIII. (For what it is worth, he is one of my favourite rulers and deserves a whole blog post!)

While I don't mind travelling alone (it is really nice to not have kids climbing all over me!), I get left with my thoughts and have no one to talk to.  Wouldn't normally be a bad thing, but this time I am travelling alone to see my Grandma.  She's had a rough go of things and may not be with us for very much longer.  Keep her in your thoughts if you pray for people you barely know.

8am.  Only one hour to go.  Two coffees in, full bladder.  Muddled thoughts.  Worries.  Oh and yes, full bladder.  Time to go take that washroom break.


Misty said…
Thinking of you and your grandma!
Rebecca said…
I would have taken some TylenolPM before boarding the plane then maybe a half one as soon as it landed so I could just pass out.........Don't need to worry about the car rental not opening until 9am if you sleep through 9am, amiright?
I travel a lot with my job ... I'm off to Hamilton and Barrie tomorrow.

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