Sunday In My City~ The Week In Review

Hibiscus Beauty.

Perty Rainbow, on a cr*ppy day!

Playing in the garden with our escaped kitty...

Serene Cows. They might look serene, but one cow really had his MOO-on!

Beebo and Xman just don't understand why the cows run away!?

Unknown Mami

That was our week... how was yours??

Thanks to our lovely host, Unknown Mami!


Liz Mays said…
You sure have some natural beauty out there. So lucky! That hibiscus is gorgeous too!
Rebecca said…
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Mrs. M said…
Love the video. Eli loves the "moos" too. :)
Lee Ann said…
Lovely pics, I do love the rainbow x
Thank you for the rainbow.
Joanna Jenkins said…
You in is a gorgeous place. It's so nice to look out over a field and not see any building-- Just wide open space! Yeah.

Happy SIMC
Nice picture. It always makes my day to catch a glimpse of a rainbow. :-)
Erin said…
The hibiscus is so amazing!

And I don't know why the cows run either LOL
Gorgeous. Love the flower pic.

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