Are You A 'Damage Criminal' ? #DamageEraser

Let's not candy coat things... acting recklessly on our hair leads to limp locks and split ends.  I totally 'get' how awesome a good blow out feels or how a perfectly straight and smooth style rocks-- but at what cost?

Are you a "Damage Criminal"?

Do you colour your hair... blow dry it... or straighten it AND refuse to give up that style EVER?

Then this new product line is for YOU!

Specifically designed for dry/damaged hair, the Fructis' Damage Eraser strengthens hair by 90%, root-to-tip! In only 3 easy steps, Garnier's newest line proves to repair even the harshest criminal activity. 

Our Trial Experience:

After only one use, my locks appeared smoother, shinier and smelled divine. Three tests in, my hair exuded salon quality freshness -- my red hue even perked up and looked less faded! #WIN

But, it was probably the Reconstructing Butter (Step 2) and the Split End Bandage (Step 3) that sold me on this line. With much needed moisture added back into my hair, my persnicketty split ends (read: the bane of my existence) were not only less noticeable... but they disappeared!  #HAPPYDANCE

To find out more about the new
Fructis 'Damage Eraser' product line and to get
head to the
Garnier website.

Ditch the dry and keep the style--

With Garnier's new FRUCTIS Damage Erasers,


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