To My Little Boy Xman #BTS

Two weeks ago you began your 'official' elementary school career.  ~Sigh~  I had always envisioned you to be a rough and tumble boy; however, as you've grown up I have realized that when it comes to your sister and your peers, you are a little bleeding heart.  You show so much compassion and have so much empathy for those around you.  I am always amazed at how extremely kind you are.

That said, after two and a half years of preschool... Kindergarten had better watch out!  They have one super duper capable little boy on their hands, who has as much energy as he does questions. I thought that we may have issues (apprehensions) taking the school bus, but you have proved me wrong -- often getting upset if I want to drive you that day.  You are annoyed that school is not all day long (do not worry little buddy, THAT is next year), and due to this fact, you are not able to ride the bus HOME from school.  You also want Mom to drive the loop only and "I can walk into school all by myself."

While I am happy that this transition to Kindergarten and life on the bus has been easy thus far, I can't help but miss our time together.  You always surprise me with your independence, but then shoot me this evil look that lets me know my little boy still exists inside.  I hope you enjoy the year in your new school, find much success on your own terms, as well, meet many new friends that are completely your own (and are not a part of your sisters world).  I can't wait to see what you accomplish... go get 'em!




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