My Favourite Lunch #Paleo

DaddyO and I have been eating a Paleo-inspired diet since February. I cannot relay how much better we feel.  We never realized how bloated we actually were until we eliminated some foods.

At first, I missed some things. Carbs really do take up a chunk of your diet and they absolutely do need to be moderated.  I'd liken the detox to a 'junkie' of sorts, but that would of course be a little strong for words. I definitely did get the shakes though.  Remember to stock a supply of nuts (almonds, cashews, macadamia, walnuts etc.) always.

Bread is a great carrier;  but really, that is all it is.  Canned tuna with mayonnaise still satiates the paleo-palate, but hard-boiled egg and fresh avocado mashed is very complimentary too!  In fact, it has become my favourite go-to!



on a lettuce wrap.

(Or even cheat with a whole wheat wrap, 

bread or a bun!  A heavenly bun! 

*But I never said that!*)



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