Wordless Wednesday: Oh oh... Look What We Did!

A little while ago, we had to go through this. If one thing is for sure, saying goodbye to a family pet is never, ever easy. Our plan was to wait until next summer before getting another dog but, well... so much for waiting! We realized that living on an acreage is weird without a dog. Something just wasn't quite right and even the cats were feeling it.

We'd like to introduce our new little friend Oliver.  His daddy is a Standard Daschund and his mommy is an Alaskan Malamute/Husky. Needless to say, Oliver is an interesting mix and it will be neat to see how he grows (or doesn't grow) up to look one day!  His sweet demeanor and cuddles make up for puppy piddles (we're working on the house training!), and we sure hope to make many memories with him.


Have you ever had a puppy?


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