Radar Gone Wrong #Starbucks

One morning after I dropped my children off at school, I went to Starbucks.  I had ordered and was standing there waiting for my tall Earl Grey tea latte to be made, when I noticed a very, very handsome younger man starring at me.  I tried not to let on that I had noticed, but still he kept starring.  And starring.

I may be married, but I'm not dead.  This young man checking me out felt awesome!

Then... the young man stood up and walked over to where I was.  He grabbed a napkin from the counter and as he walked back my way... the young man spoke to me.

"Excuse me Ma'am, I think your shirt may be on inside out?"


"Why yes it is."  I said.  "Must be one of those days."

I have to say, I do not embarrass easily... but this one almost got me.  I stood there and I owned it the best I could.  I might have had fleeting thoughts about taking off my shirt in the middle of Starbucks to fix it and completely throw this young fella for a loop, but I did not.

Really though, he called me Ma'am?


Whilst Ma'am is a polite term to call a lady you do not know, it sure sucked the life out of the 'being checked out' experience.



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