Be BOATsmart -er!

Our family enjoys life on the water.  DaddyO and I spent a lot of time on the water growing up, and we fully intend to share these experiences with our children.  So far, both kids have been excited little boaters and are now capable of driving a small motor with parental supervision.  We take the boat on day trips and sometimes we even boat camp (travelling to camping spots via boat).  We love to explore the waterways; but that means we need to be up to speed with safety and keep the boat and motor in good working condition.

It also means, we need a license...

In May, the Canadian government made boating safety a priority by doubling their investment over the next three years, committing more than $1.8 million in funding for boat safety initiatives. Two years ago, Transport Canada also introduced stricter boating exam standards in an effort to increase education and reduce boating fatalities.  

Each year, approximately 125 people are killed in boating accidents in Canada and another 6,000 are injured.  Incredibly, millions of Canadians also continue to operate their boat without a license— something that’s been required by law in this country for almost 15 years.  

BOATsmart, Canada's leader in boating safety is the largest Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) provider.  'Peek Thru Our Window' and this guy (BOATsmart Canada CEO/President Cameron Taylor) encourage you to get LICENSED... because hey, it's important!

5 Tips to stay BOATsmart this Summer & Keep Your Family Safe:

  • Get Your BOATsmart Operator Card - All operators of motorized vessels require a Pleasure Craft Operator Card.  Test your knowledge, learn boating safety skills and take the official Transport Canada Accredited Exam at .

  • Wear a Life Jacket - It's a simple thing to do.  Wearing a life jacket (aka PFD- Personal Flotation Device) greatly reduces your risk of drowning.  Eighty-nine percent of people who drown while boating are not wearing a life jacket.  Having them on board with you is not enough;  Life jackets don't work unless you wear them!

  • Don't Drink and Boat - Okay, this seems like a fairly reasonable request... you wouldn't drink and drive, right?  Alcohol and boating do not mix - ever!  In fact, the effects of alcohol are up to four times greater on the water due to the motion of your craft, the wind, waves and hot summer sun.  Keep hydrated by drinking water and please leave the alcohol on shore.

  • Be Prepared - Make sure your boat, safety equipment and passengers are prepared for a safe day on the water.  Be sure to check your local weather before heading out and leave extra gas in the tank for a safe trip home.  Have the confidence with insurance protection, available at :

  • Refresh Your Knowledge - Both novice and experienced boaters can benefit from taking a BOATsmart course.  Emergency preparedness to right-of-way rules, you'll learn everything you need to boat with confidence!  If you already have your boating license but need a quick refresher, be sure to download the BOATsmart CONNECT APP complete with Free Animated Refresher Lessons for iPhone or Android.


We are very lucky in Canada to have access to so much freshwater -- get out there and use it safely and responsibly!  

*Disclaimer - this is not a sponsored post. I feel strongly that boating should be done safely and that is that!*


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