Saturday, October 29, 2011

In An Airport (Somewhere in Canada), Alone With My Thoughts

Friday night.  At the airport.  Yes, just the place one wants to be on a Friday evening.  Thank God for Wi-fi.  It has been a long time since I've endured the 'Red Eye'- an all night flight. I've also never eaten in this Chili's before; the chicken & green chile soup is divine if you ever get to try it.  And of course, I am sitting next to the token loud person... who is telling the whole airport that HE is on vacation.  That's nice buddy.

I hope to sleep on this flight.  I really do.  Or, if not, look out world when I pick up my rental car in the morning.  I may not be such a good driver after no sleep.  Hope they have a Starbucks.  Or a Timmy's.  Actually, it does not matter-- ANY coffee will do!  Hubby booked me a car rental, however they do not even open until 9am.  My flight gets in at 6am.  That's a long wait (on not much sleep) Batman!

Which brings me to another point?  WHY do the car rental companies open at 9am ?  Like really, if flights are coming in as early as mine, surely there has to be someone else hooped (and loitering) like me?  (Writing after my flight now-- just so you don't think I am a total nut!)  And no, no one seems hooped like me.  Guess that is why they do not open... i'm the only person that cares or is in need.  I could have asked any of the thousands of people I know in this town to come and get me out of here, but I like having my own car when I travel alone so I can always rely on me.

I suppose though since I have a few hours to kill before obtaining a vehicle to speed away in, I could walk my lazy, tired butt to the washroom and pull out some new clothes to spruce up a bit?   But that seems too hard.  Sitting in this freezing cold area sipping my warm coffee is much more enjoyable.

Reading the Saturday news I see that the Royals have decided to boot male lineage protocol to the curb.  There we go Queenie, you've just taken the pressure off Wills & Kate to produce a male heir.  Now they can be happy and joyful and just love life.  Something Diana could have used more of...  Very nice to see the Royals progressing with the times.  With females taking the throne in birth order, the world may have never known the likes of  Henry VIII. (For what it is worth, he is one of my favourite rulers and deserves a whole blog post!)

While I don't mind travelling alone (it is really nice to not have kids climbing all over me!), I get left with my thoughts and have no one to talk to.  Wouldn't normally be a bad thing, but this time I am travelling alone to see my Grandma.  She's had a rough go of things and may not be with us for very much longer.  Keep her in your thoughts if you pray for people you barely know.

8am.  Only one hour to go.  Two coffees in, full bladder.  Muddled thoughts.  Worries.  Oh and yes, full bladder.  Time to go take that washroom break.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs~ by Circle of Moms

Today I received an email telling me that Peek Thru Our Window has been nominated for Circle of Moms, Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs ! WOW! It always surprises me to find out that someone has nominated me-- that's cool and I thank you so much.

Without further ado, please click the little button above and give PEEK THRU OUR WINDOW a little voting love. Would ya pretty plz?

You may vote once per day until November 17, 2011.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordful Wednesday ~ Will It Rebloom?


Last year I purchased a Poinsettia (in Nov.). This Poinsettia in fact. I don't usually purchase them as we have cats, but Beebo was feeling all festive and insisted.   I relented... I like flowers and plants, we'll say we met half way.  I  brought it home and placed it on a high shelf. We enjoyed it. I did not buy a red poinsettia; this poinsettia plant has white flowers.

Although I have accomplished a feat in keeping a store bought plant alive this long, I have not been able to make it bloom again. I've heard it needs 12 hours light, 12 hours dark? Should I force it or will it just bloom on its own again (it is pretty dark these days but I am not sure we are getting 12/12)?

Lost here really... anyone ever kept a poinsettia this long?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Tidbit

Today is just one of those days...

I made a pot of coffee. I was actually pretty excited about the coffee as I have not made myself a pot since I began working out in early September. (Did I tell you that i've been working out??) Anyways I pulled out the Organic dark roast I had been saving for just the occasion, looked at the bag and preceded to fill the water reservoir. Clicked go and off I went.

I could hear the coffee maker perking and bubbling from the other room. I was excited for a nice dark, fresh brew... and perhaps I was thinking about sneaking some Bailey's into it too. Whatever it was, it never crossed my mind that I hadn't ground the beans or put coffee in the machine!

Nope, THAT I had to find out the hard way.

Guess I needed a cup of joe before I tried making coffee. ~sigh~

Need A Giggle?


Yep, after the coffee debaucle and the rather slow start to my day... no one had better complain... about anything! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Winner! $50 Mark's Gift Card Giveaway

Mrs Brits said...
Item I'd (actually the hubby) would like
to have is the DH3 street shoes.

Congrats Mrs Brits!

2012 Ford F150 Raptor

Isn't it cool?

Anyone into off-roading, certainly has to be drooling
over the front-end camera. Fun.

Can't wait to tell you all about it!

**Peek Thru Our Window will be reviewing the 2012 Ford F150 Raptor. If you have a question about it that you'd like answered, please leave a comment on this post and I will be happy to get back to you!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Allan's Candy Lets You Play Safe At Halloween


Halloween has always been my favourite 'holiday'.  Not for the candy (though it's a perk!), but because I always love to see who gets into it.  I love it when someone I thought was a total humbug completely surprises me by dressing up, or by turning their house into an awesome thriller!  I love to see who is confident enough in themselves to look silly, scary, sexy — step outside of themselves for the night in the spirit of fun. When you are a child this is easy.  Dressing up is super fun;  some years you may go store bought, and others home made.  But the spirit that is Halloween is easy to attain, and yes, as a child Halloween is certainly about the candy. ;)

Imagine how scary Halloween must be for a child who is allergic to nuts?

We all warn our kids not to eat the candy until Mommy & Daddy have checked it, but if you are allergic to nuts, Mommy & Daddy are probably going to take half your candy!  The despair of being that close to candy — that was given to you — is probably horrific.  And completely unfair.

So since we all do the nut-free thing in schools these days, there is absolutely no reason why the candy you hand out at your door should be any different.  Give these kids the same Halloween experience that most other kids enjoy.  After all, Halloween brings out the kid in all of us!


Did You Know?
Allan Candy Company is a Canadian company and all of their Halloween Candy is proudly made in Canada.

-       Allan Candy Company is now celebrating its 77th year and their iconic Big Foot brand has been around for more than 25 years.

-       Peanut Free, individually wrapped candies that are available for Halloween are:

o       Allan Intense Jubes & Jellies – delivering an intense sour flavour and a soft & chewy bite.

o       Allan Chewy Rascalz – these childhood favourites will keep your taste buds happy!  Packed in one bag, and of course, peanut free – you’ll find Big Foot, Sour Big Foot, Green Thumbs and Hot Lips!

o       Allan Fruit Buddies - offering a variety of fruit flavoured candies that are also peanut free! Indulge in 5 great fruit flavours: Sour Watermelon Slices, Peach Slices, Sour Cherry Slices, Tangy Wild Strawberries and Sour Grape Slices.

Make Allan's candy a part of your familys Halloween traditions.  Life before kids, I would hand out pencils at Halloween as my safe, good 'treat'.  But now as I watch my 3 and 5 years old kids get excited about dressing up and obtaining candy, I realize how boring that was and that it is okay to indulge in a little bit of the sweet stuff.  (Dentists need something to do, right?) All things in moderation never hurt anyone.  But if it isn't from a nut-free facility, it just might.

*Disclosure: I am participating in the Allan Candy Company program by Mom Central. I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. As always, the opinions expressed on this blog are my own. And psst...don't forget to brush your teeth after indulging!*

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Blissdom Canada Teaser


Guess who Mixtress SamiJoe got to meet
at the Blissdom Canada costume party??

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mark's Calgary Clothesline Event- Thursday, October 13th!

In order to celebrate the reinvention of Mark's, Calgary's largest clothesline will be erected on Stephen Avenue on October 13th at 12 p.m. The very first Mark's store opened its doors in Calgary over 30 years ago, and to thank Calgarians for being so loyal to the brand, they are giving away some of their best products.

The zigzagging, 150 ft. long clothesline will hold 350 of Mark's Perfectly Pressed shirts, T-Max vests, Yoga vests and DH Soft/50 wash sweaters and more... all FREE for the taking!

WHO: Mark’s (formally known as Mark’s Work Wearhouse)
WHAT: 150 ft. Clothesline with 350 of Mark’s smart clothing items
WHERE: Stephen Ave. (between Centre St SW and 1 St SW)
WHEN: Thursday, October 13th at 12p.m.

A Mark’s spokesperson will be onsite for interviews, answering any questions you may have surrounding the rebranding and to discuss the NEW Mark’s!  Smart Clothes for Everyday Living... quality for a price that makes sense.

Can't make it out to Mark's Calgary Clothesline event on the 13th of October??

Giveaway:  Mark's has graciously offered one of my Calgary (and area)  readers a gift card valued at $50 !  Ends October 21, 2011 at 9pm MST.  Winner will be contacted on Oct. 22/11 and has 48hrs to respond or another winner will be chosen.

Rules: You must live in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding area. (As far as and including, Cochrane-Okotoks-Strathmore-Airdrie.)

Mandatory Entry: Visit Mark's at the link HERE. Choose Women's or Men's and leave me a comment telling me which item you'd love to have! Don't forget to leave me your email address so i can contact you!

Extra Entries (please leave a separate comment for each): 
- 'Like' Peek Thru Our Window on Facebook. (1 entry)
- 'Like' Mark's on Facebook. (1 entry)
- Tweet this (1 entry- up to once per day and you must leave a Twitter link in the comments each time):

#WIN a $50 gift card from #Marks! Visit Peek Thru Our Window for details! Ends October 21/11 9pm MST. #GIVEAWAY

Have fun picking outfits~! Good luck!

*Peek Thru Our Window is working with Mark's to bring you news of their rebranding. No compensation was received to fascilitate this post.  As always, the opinions expressed are my own.*

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and....

I'd like to wish all my fellow Canucks a very Happy Thanksgiving! Please take a few moments today to remember all the things you are thankful for- i don't think we can ever be thankful enough.

In a short while i'll begin preparations for our feast tonight. On the menu: Tom the Turkey, Sausage stuffing, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, and Brussel Sprouts. These are the dishes our family loves (well maybe the Brussel Sprouts aren't a favourite-- they're all for me!) and looks forward to every year. Oh yes, i forgot the pie! Strawberry Rhubarb and a Pumpkin Pie! Does it get more fabulous than that??

What foods does your family like to eat at Thanksgiving??

I should mention that today is also an important day for little ol' me. Two years ago, i began this blog and celebrate its anniversary today.  I do not even remember what my blog was called when i started out, but i love and appreciate everything my blog has become. It's my outlet, it's my ongoing project... and i hope you've enjoyed every minute of it!

If you'd like to read my Thanksgiving post from two years ago, click HERE.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Wordful Wednesday....on Friday!

This week I missed Wordless/Wordful Wednesday. I'm not sure how it happened, but somewhere this A.M i thought to myself-- Sheesh-- I totally forgot to post! I think the real problem and perhaps why I totally spaced on it is because the whole Blogging world seems to do their Wordless/Wordful Wednesday posts on Tuesday. I am not that on the ball, nor am I capable of posting a Wednesday post a whole day early on Tuesday. BTW, why does everyone post their WWednesdays a whole day early?? Does Tuesday suck too bad and everyone just wants the week to move on??  I don't get it.  So, since the whole Blogging world has shifted their WWednesday post to Tuesday, i just posted mine on Friday.  Cuz i roll like that....


This is the picture I was wanting to show you all. I figured if I had to stare at this gross thing hanging in my kitchen, then I for sure had to gross you all out with it too. I can't keep these things to myself. That would be selfish.

Autumn has begun and the colder weather has kicked in. These flies are taking refuge in MY HOUSE! It sucks. It is actually awful. I have never had more flies in the house EVER!  I understand that the outside temperature is not desirable. I get it. But for real, you flies are disgusting, extremely germy and annoying.

I don't want you here. I WILL be rid of you.

I know I might catch more flies with honey than vinegar ... but at this point, i am not wasting either one.

What did i do??   I bought some fly tape.  Happy with my purchase and a smile on my face thinking of fly demise, i noticed after returning home that the fly tape is non-toxic.  How does it kill the flies if it is non-toxic?? That does not sound like very good poison to me. The flies stick to the tape and quit their buzzing about my head; however, they LIVE until they starve to death! How humane is that??

Maybe chasing them down with the fly swatter is more humane?


I just won't think about it...they are only flies.  Right??


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blissdom Canada Oct 13-15, 2011 Toronto ~ Will You Be There?

In 9 short days, i will be attending a Writing & Social Media Conference called Blissdom Canada in Toronto, Ontario. It will be a few days of  networking , business development, community building, and a whole lot of "mapletastic awesome" (pretty sure those are Shashers words). To say that i am excited would be an understatement! I can hardly wait to meet face-to-face with many online peeps and companies that i chat/do business with each day.  And for those attending that  i have met with IRL, i cannot wait to see you all again!

The sessions i have chosen have me two fold stoked: Excited about what i will learn and honoured to be taught by some of  Canada's finest in the media world.  I *might* also be excited to show off some clothing from Mark's new Fall line and to attend a red carpet cocktail party at CBCLive in Toronto.  I will also be dining at Table 17 for #UsedBliss, an invite only event.  But by all accounts from last year, the to-do to look forward to is the Karaoke Costume Party on the last evening! (Hmm... note to self, do not drink too much during that event. ;0 )  You Tube memories galore, lol.

Oh, and let's not forget to mention that my kiddos will not be there.  Yep.  Little ol' me for 3.5 days!  I'll miss them for sure, but not really... just sayin'.

I hope to return from Blissdom Canada with a renewed outlook of what i do in my piece of the 'internet world'.  If you attended last years Blissdom Canada and have a tip for me- 'social media conference newbie'-- i'd love to hear it!  AND, if you'll be attending Blissdom Canada next week in Toronto, please leave me a comment with your Twitter handle and Website address.

Business cards all ready to go--

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday In My City: Images of Autumn Where I Live

I love Autumn. It is my favourite season by far; however, in Alberta Fall tends to be short lived. The trees turn glorious hues of yellows, oranges and greens- and then we get one good blustery day and all the leaves are on the ground. Sigh.

For this reason, taking Autumn pictures is a must! Capture it while it is there, because it may be gone tomorrow.


Watching the cows always reminds me how peaceful things are out here.


Practicing new skills learned this Summer.


Unknown Mami

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