Wordful Wednesday ~ A Mystery

Horseradish is an extremely invasive root. I was apprehensive about where to plant it on my property, so this year i decided to plant it in a pot and give it a trial run. It would yield me enough for a few jars of horseradish and then next year, i could actually plant it in the ground.

Shortly after i planted the horseradish root in this planter, i noticed that those little people that live here someone or something had been digging. Darn. I poked around but couldn't locate the root i had planted.


Recently, my sister-in-law was over and identified this weed. I'd been holding onto because i suspected it was something more than a weed, but had no idea what?  Thankfully, there was my horseradish!


In the freakin' ground right in front of my porch! ~Sigh~ Let's hope i can dig it out or i'll be stuck with it forever.

Horseradish anyone?

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Unknown said…
Looks like a weed to me. I guess that's why so few plants that survive my gardening skills (or lack thereof).
Manager to Mom said…
This reminds me of the utterly insane mint problem we currently have in our garden. Strike that - not even our garden. The "lawn" beside the garden. I had no idea when we planted it that mint is such a crazy weed! Never tried growing horseradish before but if we do, we'll keep this in mind. ;)

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