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Beebo started Kindergarten a few weeks ago, and ever since breakfast has been rather challenging. The usual suspects: cereal, oatmeal, eggs, toast - are suddenly no longer working and every day it is a battle to get her to eat something! (Anything- i'll accept anything!) I do not want her to feel rushed while she is eating because that is not a nice feeling to have when you are eating. And they are not allowed to eat on the bus, so that means she cannot eat until snack time (about 3hrs later). I worry that she'll be hungry. I worry more that she'll be whiney.

I polled my Facebook peeps and asked them, what to do about our situation? Surely my child isn't the only one out there with this issue?? The number one response, Smoothie! Of course Smoothie was the right answer. Beebo loves smoothies and would have no issues eating this in the morning.

Problem: Little guy Xman's bedroom is not in a very good place. In fact, it is right NEXT to the kitchen. I worried how i'd make these smoothies for Beebo without waking him up (he doesn't start Preschool till 9am)?  No sense him being up if he can still sleep!

My friend Keri suggested i pre-make the smoothies and simply take them out of the freezer the night before for it to thaw. Great idea, but I wondered what to freeze these smoothies in? Ziplocs? A glass? I thought about it for a few days and then i remembered these:

I picked up a pack of the freezer jars to see if this could work for us. I love that the cap threads on instead of snapping. And at 236ml, they were just the right size! Plus, they stack on top of each other to make storage in the freezer easy peasy!


The batch above contained plain greek yogurt, strawberries, peaches, and banana. I hope to get more inventive with the contents as we go and plan to throw in some spinach or kale too!

What are your favourite smoothie recipes?? We've got lots of school ahead, so i'm going to need a lot of variations!

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I love green smoothies which is what you'll be making as soon as you put the spinach in. I use the frozen fruit combos from Costco so they are cold when I drink them. You won't have that problem if you're freezing.

I am curious about the freezing though. Because when I make mine if it doesn't get drunk right away it sort of separates, especially with the yogurt in them and it's kind of gross. I need to re-blend it for a sec to mix everything up again. Are you not having that problem?
Unknown said…
Catherine- it hasn't separated on me at all! I made sure to not use very much liquid though, maybe that is why?
Samantha said…
I make smoothies all the time, mine consist of greek yogurt, some kind of frozen fruit (usually raspberries, peaches or strawberries), a fistful of spinach, a drizzle of raw honey and then some kind of fiber - either chia or flax seeds. I add a little water if it needs a little liquid to blend well, or fresh OJ if I have oranges on hand.

What a great idea to freeze ahead, though! I always make mine fresh, but we don't have the logistical issue of one kid sleeping in the mornings.
TheFitHousewife said…
We make similar smoothies here! I add a handful of spinach (trust me, she won't know) and some flax seeds.
JeanetteSchenk said…
Great idea and good find on the freezer jars! We have very common smoothies here - mostly strawberry banana or mixed berry with low fat unsweetened yogurt and a little apple juice. I'm curious to try the spinach now! :)
hey sami

i always add flax seed oil to mine.

vanilla is also a great flavour changer/addition. and cinnamon. you can really change things up with a bit of spice. nutmeg too.

apples are great for smoothies.

also if you put a bit of orange juice it balances the flavour out nicely if you use a lot of berries!
Doing my Detox smoothies are a must have! In fact I blended mine in my bathroom this morning because we have the same bedroom location issue. These freezer packs seem a better idea!

Here's a recipe idea...dont be turned off when u read the ingredients...it's delish!! And a great way to sneak in a power punch of leafy greens!

1 banana
3/4 blueberries
2 tblsp Almond Butter
1 cup of water

It will turn out blue but taste like banana nut! You can't taste the spinach at all!
I forgot the most important part...2 cups of spinach!
I like strawberries and banana and spinach(which you can't taste) and I use water and protein powder! I think that is a great solution for your mornings. Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Unknown said…
Great post, Sami. Homemade is much more palatable than those pre-fab things.
Merry said…
I'm another one who adds spinach. I buy the frozen spinach in a bag at Co-Op. It comes in little frozen nuggets. Pop in two & you're golden. I also use raspberries, blueberries, banana, greek yogurt and OJ. Yum!

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