Distracted Driving in Alberta

If you live in Alberta, today begins the new 'Distracted Driving Law'. If you're not already BlueTooth savvy, then visit my friend Merry to get all the details of what you can and cannot do while driving.

*Side Note- being distracted by your mangly little passengers is not ticket worthy. I can eat, while applying makeup, and fiddling with the GPS mid-route-- if my kids are not in the car. Kids in the car = distraction central! The whole thing is full circle; I need to distract the kids with dvd/singsongs/toys/food, but i am the one who should not be distracted?? Tough. So ditch the cell and gadgets, got it. But where do i drop off my main distractions?*

This video would get me super busted now! Major no-no!
And i don't mean the singing...


Merry said…
Thanks for linking to my post! I know this is great legislation but it will take some getting used to even thought I NEVER texted while driving.
Scariest thing to worry about today is that phone and texting...though I saw someone plucking their eyebrows and driving! lol! Love the singing!
Unknown said…
Remember the guy texting and almost driving over us on the Cape Road?????

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