Wordful Wednesday

DaddyO and MommyO had decided that life was just too darn busy lately!
So, we packed up and took the kids to a hotel with a huge playzone and waterslides!

We slid, slid, slid!
And played, played, played!

When we got home, Beebo and Xman were playing in the playroom.
MommyO was making dinner.
I tried calling out to the kids and received no answer.

DaddyO and MommyO decided to go investigating--here is what we found:

Notice how they both handily destroyed the playroom,
then fell asleep on top of everything??

I LOVE sleeping kids!


Matty said…
We do that every so often. Just go to a hotel for the night. Alone, with the family, doesn't matter. Just something different.
starnes family said…
That is awesome. Love how they passed out after destroying the room! They got worn out. Who can blame them?
Mrs. M said…
That is so cute! Are you sure they weren't pretending so they could get out of cleaning up? :)
Oh wow - that is awesome!!
Efka said…
Thats too good :)

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